Specialised Women’s and Children’s Nutrition

Lunchbox Ideas

Help! My child is sick of sandwiches but what else is healthy, quick, easy and lasts in the lunchbox until lunchtime?!

Here are some different sandwich filling ideas that make sandwiches more exciting and get in some great nutrients. Mixing it up helps keep interest in your kids lunches :

  • Falafels with hummus dip
  • Ricotta cheese with sliced pear and a sprinkle of a chocolate powder / cocoa
  • Coleslaw and grated cheese
  • Leftover sliced chicken breast and pineapple
  • Swiss cheese, alfalfa and pickles
  • Tinned salmon, cream cheese and capers
  • Leftover roast meat, mustard with lettuce
  • Leftover roast vegetables and pesto
  • Vegemite with grated cheese and grated carrot

Try also changing the way food looks. One day have carrot sticks; the next , grated carrot. Cut the sandwiches in different shapes – rectangles, triangles, squares

Just as you might do for lunches at work, ‘leftovers’ from dinner that can be eaten cold can make great nutritious lunch options. But alternatives to sandwiches can also include :

  • Pita bread pockets or mountain bread with filling – try rolling up for something different
  • Turkish bread with dip and olives
  • Crackers and vegetable sticks with dip
  • Rice, couscous or pasta salad (even leftover dishes from the night before)
  • A “deconstructed” sandwich – separate containers of salad, cold meat or cheese and roll
  • Potato salad – include lots of diced vegies
  • A tin of tuna with rice cakes or corn thins
  • A savoury scone with sliced cheese and cucumber
  • Sushi
  • Fish cakes
  • Quiche
  • Cheese and vegetable skewers
  • Baked beans

Please check school restrictions on “allowable” foods to pack for your child. Most schools have a nut-free policy.

A good place to visit for information on what makes up a healthy lunch box for children see www.goforyourlife.vic.gov.au/kids