Specialised Women’s and Children’s Nutrition

Mindful Eating

Are any of the following non-mindful eating circumstances familiar?

  • Eating because you are bored
  • Not realising you’re eating a meal until it’s over
  • Eating while you are standing
  • Eating while you are working
  • Not noticing the taste of food (except maybe the first and the last mouthful)
  • Eating because it’s the end of the day and you’re on the couch watching television
  • Before you realise it you’ve eaten most of the packet of biscuits or chips
  • Eating when you are not hungry
  • Eating until you feel overfull

Mindful eating involves activating your senses and appreciating the experience of eating – think of the senses you engage when wine or cheese tasting.

Learning how to eat mindfully will bring:

  • Greater enjoyment of food
  • Neutrality to food (i.e. losing judgement)
  • Improved overall health
  • Awareness of your hunger or satiety (fullness) levels.

Mindful eating is about learning to eat to nourish and satisfy yourself.

Sarah specialises in Mindful Eating and the non-dieting approach. She is constantly inspired by those who gain freedom from their food rules when they learn how to eat mindfully and trust themselves. She would love to help you achieve this.