In response to doctor requests for her to move into private practice to provide the Bayside area with the Dietetic expertise the area needed, Sarah did exactly that. Bayside Dietetics has now been open for over ten years to provide highly qualified dietetic service to the Bayside area for both children and adults.

Sarah has completed extensive training and has a strong and diverse experience base including 10 years at a tertiary hospital and over 10 years in private practice. Anyone coming to Bayside Dietetics can expect their situation to be carefully listened to, with intent to provide advice and care that is individually tailored.

All care is provided in a safe and supportive environment.

“Sarah changed my life. I never thought I could have this sort relationship with food.”

Female client, 20s

“Sarah seems to have a wealth of information but she was able to provide us with really practical advice to help my daughter’s gut symptoms. And the results were amazing. Our daughter now has a happy gut and I never thought I’d get to say that.”

Mother of 8 year old client

“I am really glad I came to see Sarah. I thought I’d have to make huge changes to my diet. But she found ways to help me achieve what I wanted with just a few practical changes to the way I eat. I really feel like I can continue this way of eating forever.”

Client, 50s